ECU provides faculty, staff, and students access to a Copyright Consultant as a resource on campus to help you navigate the often murky waters of Copyright. The Copyright Consultant is available to educate and empower you to confidently incorporate Copyrighted materials in your coursework, teaching, and your work at ECU. The Copyright Consultant will tailor copyright presentations for classes, departments, or student groups by request.

The copyright consultant offers group or individual instruction on:

  • ECU Copyright Regulation
  • Fair Use
  • Social Media/Website Content
  • Classroom Use of Copyrighted Materials
  • Obtaining Permissions
  • Registering Copyright

What Is Copyright?

Debunking Copyright Myths

The information on this website is provided to help provide a basic understanding about U.S. Copyright. This guide is not intended to provide legal advice. Only the ECU Attorney’s office can provide legal advice on behalf of the University. Questions regarding personal legal issues should be directed to private counsel.